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Guest Talk: Harnessing the Power of (Knowledge) Graphs

Giuseppe Pirrò

Date/Time: 20.12.2016, 11:00

Loca­tion: D2.2.094


The Web, tradi­tio­nally viewed as a vast repo­si­tory of docu­ments, is being trans­formed into a huge data­base by the massive presence of struc­tured data. New rese­arch chal­lenges arise in this infor­ma­tion space due to the intrinsic decen­tra­lised data crea­tion and manage­ment, the lack of super­im­posed schema, the unknown topo­logy of data sources and their links, and the avail­a­bi­lity of huge volumes of data covering diverse domains. The broad objec­tive of this talk is to report on my rese­arch activi­ties in the areas of graph data manage­ment. I will give an over­view of my rese­arch on graph navi­ga­tional and expla­na­tion languages and outline the idea of Web Maps. Then, I will focus on ongoing rese­arch activi­ties in the areas of querying histo­rical RDF data, commu­nity decep­tion, and priva­cy-a­ware neural network analysis.


Giuseppe Pirrò is a rese­ar­cher at the Insti­tute for High Perfor­mance Compu­ting and Networ­king (ICAR-CNR), which is part of the Italian National Rese­arch Council. His rese­arch inte­rest lie in the areas of the Semantic Web, Data­bases, and Distri­buted Systems. He has published more than 50 papers in pres­ti­gious venues inclu­ding WWW, ISWC, ESWC, AAAI, KR, CIKM, TWEB, JWS, and PVLDB. Recently he was awarded with the ESWC best rese­arch paper award for his work on navi­ga­tional languages. He serves as a PC member in confe­rences like AAAI, IJCAI and ISWC and as a reviewer in several confe­rences and jour­nals.

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