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Guest Talk: Decision Rights Allocations in Information Systems Adoption and Management – Procedural and Architectural Perspectives

Till Winkler, MSc.

Date/Time: 13.07.2018, 11:00

Loca­tion: D2.2.094


As the orga­niza­t­ional use of infor­ma­tion systems (IS) is beco­ming perva­sive IS gover­nance, unders­tood as the distri­bu­tion of deci­sion rights over infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy and systems, is taking new shapes that let tradi­tional boun­da­ries blur. Early signs for these tectonic shifts in the orga­ni­zing prin­ciple of IT orga­niza­t­ions were user-d­riven IS deve­lop­ment or poten­ti­ally ‘shadow IT’, while more recent industry reports herald the neces­sity of ‘bimodal’ and ‘two-­speed’ modes of IT orga­niza­t­ions. In this talk I will sketch the trajec­tory of one of my central rese­arch programs, star­ting with my PhD rese­arch, in which I traced deci­sion rights allo­ca­tions in compa­nies’ adop­tion processes of cloud and non-­cloud appli­ca­tions. Buil­ding on this, I will present two ongoing rese­arch projects that explore and confirm the import­ance of a fit of appli­ca­ti­on-­level gover­nance with diffe­rent proper­ties of the infor­ma­tion system arti­facts and the archi­tec­ture they are embedded in. The major cont­ri­bu­tion from this rese­arch is the deve­lop­ment and advan­ce­ment of a theory of arti­fac­t-­level IS gover­nance―an underapp­re­ciated construct in IS gover­nance rese­arch. The talk will outline rese­arch perspec­tives at the inter­sec­tion of IS gover­nance, busi­ness process manage­ment, and enter­prise archi­tec­ture manage­ment.


Till J. Winkler is an Asso­ciate Professor of IT Manage­ment and Digi­ta­liza­tion in the Depart­ment of Digi­ta­liza­tion at the Copen­hagen Busi­ness School, Denmark. Prior to obtai­ning a Ph.D. in Infor­ma­tion Systems from Humboldt Univer­sity of Berlin, Germany, he worked as a manage­ment consul­tant at Capge­mini’s CIO Advi­sory Services unit. His rese­arch on IT gover­nance, cloud compu­ting, and digital health has been presented at major Infor­ma­tion Systems confe­rences and appeared in jour­nals inclu­ding Journal of Manage­ment Infor­ma­tion Systems, MIS Quar­terly Execu­tive, Health Policy and Tech­no­logy, and Journal of Theo­re­tical and Applied Elec­tronic Commerce Rese­arch. He was nomi­nated reviewer of the year 2016 by the Journal of Stra­tegic Infor­ma­tion Systems and currently serves on the edito­rial boards of Busi­ness & Infor­ma­tion Systems Engi­nee­ring and various other jour­nals.


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