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Guest Talk: Caterpillar: A Blockchain-Based Business Process Management System

Prof. Marlon Dumas 

Date/Time: 18.12.2017, 17:30 

Loca­tion:  D2.3.103 


This talk intro­duces Cater­pillar, an open-­source Busi­ness Process Manage­ment System (BPMS) that runs on top of the Ethe­reum block­chain. Like any BPMS, Cater­pillar supports the crea­tion of instances of a process model (captured in the Busi­ness Process Model and Nota­tion – BPMN) and allows users to track the state of process instances and to execute tasks thereof. The speci­fi­city of Cater­pillar is that the state of each process instance is main­tained on the Ethe­reum block­chain, and the work­flow routing is performed by smart contracts gene­rated by a BPMN-­to-­So­li­dity compiler. The compiler supports a wide array of BPMN constructs, inclu­ding user, script and service tasks, parallel and exclu­sive gate­ways, subpro­cesses, multi-­in­stance activi­ties and event hand­lers. The target audi­ence of this demons­tra­tion includes rese­ar­chers in the area of busi­ness process manage­ment and block­chain tech­no­logy.


Marlon Dumas is Professor of Soft­ware Engi­nee­ring and Univer­sity of Tartu, Estonia and Adjunct Professor of Infor­ma­tion Systems at Queens­land Univer­sity of Tech­no­logy, Australia. His rese­arch focuses on combi­ning data mining and formal methods for analysis and moni­to­ring of busi­ness processes. He has published exten­si­vely across the fields of soft­ware engi­nee­ring and infor­ma­tion systems and has co-aut­hored two text­books on busi­ness process manage­ment. His team has deve­l­oped state-of-t­he-art methods for several core process mining problems, such as auto­mated process model disco­very (cf. BPMN Miner), busi­ness process confor­mance checking (via beha­vioral align­ment) and predic­tive busi­ness process moni­to­ring.

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