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Guest Talk: Analysis of a Specification Approach using UML Activity Diagrams and Coexisting Textual Descriptions

Martin Beckmann, MSc.  

Date/Time: 18.04.2018, 12:00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Due to rising complexity of systems, the efforts needed for their development continue to increase. Particularly affected is the specification phase. As a result the widely adopted use of (natural language) text to describe system's requirements is no longer sufficient. The application of graphical models seems to be a viable solution to this problem. However graphical models cannot replace textual requirements. They amend them instead. To specify the functions of a system, an industry partner (Daimler AG) has implemented an approach that uses coexisting UML Activity Diagrams and textual descriptions. In this talk results of a number of studies on this approach are presented. Our results show that users of these contents perceive a benefit from the approach, but also face a number of new challenges while using coexisting software artefacts. Various suggestions on how to apply the approach address these challenges. The suggestions are extended by a technical solution that ensures consistency between the respective artefacts.


Martin is a research associate and doctoral candidate at the department "Automated System Engineering Technologies" of the TU Berlin. His main area of research is the application of model-driven development in requirements engineering. (

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