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CIO Talk: Transforming a traditional retail bank into a technology company - Wolfgang Hanzl

Wolf­gang Hanzl


Date/Time: June 6th, 2018, 6:00 pm

Loca­tion: TC.2.01


Almost every industry is being disrupted by tech­no­logy. A pan Euro­pean indus­trial distri­butor - fears to be disrupted by Amazon logis­tics opera­tions. A West Euro­pean Telco – fears to be disrupted by Google’s Wi-Fi calls. A Western Euro­pean hard­ware manu­fac­turer – fears to be disrupted by Face­book’s Open Compute Project. To compete with the tech­no­logy giants, there is a case for every orga­niza­tion to become a tech­no­logy company them­selves. Please join our presen­ta­tion on BAWAG PSK’s journey to become a tech­no­logy company.


Wolf­gang Hanzl is an expe­ri­enced finan­cial indus­tries execu­tive with exper­tise in people manage­ment, stra­tegy, tech­no­logy, opera­tions, produc­tivity, cost cutting and mana­ging large scale projects e.g. M&A and post merger inte­gra­tion. He is with BAWAGPSK since 1983 and serves as CIO. Before that, he has been Head of Corpo­rate Deve­lop­ment, Head of Opera­tions, and COO of easy­bank.

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