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Dr.in Sofie Waltl

Sofie Waltl
Contact details

Phone: +43 (1) 31336 - 5256
E-Mail.: sofie.waltl@wu.ac.at

Personal details

Sofie Waltl is based at WU and is affiliated with the Department of Economics and INEQ. Research-wise, she focuses on topics related to real estate markets, wealth and inequality.


Journal article

2023 Hahn, Anja, Kholodilin, Konstantin A., Waltl, Sofie, Fongoni, Marco. 2023. Forward to the Past: Short-Term Effects of the Rent Freeze in Berlin. Read more
2023 Hill, Robert J., Steurer, Miriam, Waltl, Sofie. 2023. Owner-Occupied Housing, Inflation, and Monetary Policy. Read more
2023 Waltl, Sofie, Lepinteur, Anthony. 2023. Tracking Home-Owners' Sentiments: Subjective Indices and Convergent Validity. Read more
2022 Waltl, Sofie, Chakraborty, Robin. 2022. Missing the wealthy in the HFCS: micro problems with macro implications. Read more
2022 Waltl, Sofie. 2022. Wealth Inequality: A Hybrid Approach toward Multidimensional Distributional National Accounts in Europe. Read more
2021 Kholodilin, Konstantin A., Limonov, Leonid E., Waltl, Sofie. 2021. Housing Rent Dynamics and Rent Regulation in St. Petersburg (1880–1917). Read more
2021 Hahn, Anja M., Kholodilin, Konstantin A., Waltl, Sofie. 2021. Die unmittelbaren Auswirkungen des Berliner Mietendeckels: Wohnungen günstiger, aber schwieriger zu finden. Read more
2019 Waltl, Sofie. 2019. Variation Across Price Segments and Locations: A Comprehensive Quantile Regression Analysis of the Sydney Housing Market. Read more
2018 Waltl, Sofie. 2018. Estimating quantile-specific rental yields for residential housing in Sydney. Read more
2016 Waltl, Sofie. 2016. A hedonic house price index in continuous time. Read more