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Severin Rapp, MSc.

Severin Rapp
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Severin Rapp is part of the scientific staff at the research institute "Economics of Inequality" and the Institute for Macroeconomics since October 2019. His doctoral research focuses on political economy, the welfare state and wealth redistribution. In research projects on these issues, he cooperated with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the City of Vienna. Severin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and an MSc in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford.

  • Political economy

  • Welfare state

  • Wealth distribution

Recently completed projects
  • Wealth in Vienna
    Project BrieF

  • The cost of children - Methods and Bandwidths
    Project BrieF

Teaching in the ongoing semester

Severin Rapp in Winter term 2021/22


Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Rapp, Severin. 2021. Asset Bias in Household Needs and Equivalence Scale Measurement. Social Policy Association Virtual Annual Conference, Virtual, Großbritannien, 09.07-11.07. Read more
2021 Rapp, Severin, Lechinger, Vanessa, Lasser, Robert, Dabrowski, Cara. 2021. Housing policy and the distribution of wealth: A comparative perspective on public and private wealth. HFCS Seminar, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Österreich, 05.10. Invited Talk Read more
2020 Rapp, Severin. 2020. Minding the Gap: How Welfare States Mediate the Dynamics Between Income and Consumption Distribution. Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association NOeG 2020, Wien, Österreich, 24.02-25.02. Read more
2020 Rapp, Severin, Humer, Stefan. 2020. Varieties of Vulnerability: Do Private and Public Safety Nets Compensate for Asset Poverty? Annual ESPAnet Conference, Zoom, Belgien, 04.09.2020. Read more
2020 Rapp, Severin. 2020. Why are subjective equivalence scales so low? Asset-bias in household needs measurement. AK Young Economists Conference, Wien, Österreich, 02.10. Read more

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2021 Rapp, Severin. 2021. Asset Bias in Household Needs Measurement. Read more

Media report

2021 Rapp, Severin. 2021. Transparenz in der Verteilungsfrage - Öffentliches und privates Vermögen gemeinsam betrachtet. Read more
2021 Rapp, Severin. 2021. Wie ändert die Berücksichtigung von öffentlichem Vermögen die Verteilungsfrage? Read more
2020 Humer, Stefan, Rapp, Severin, Lengyel-Wiesinger, Judith. 2020. Was kosten Kinder? Read more
2019 Rapp, Severin. 2019. Doppelt hält besser: Einkommens- und Konsumverteilung verstehen. Read more