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Bequests and the Accumulation of Wealth in the Eurozone

Humer, Stefan and Moser, Mathias and Schnetzer, Matthias

INEQ Working Paper Series, 1. WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna. 2016.

Keywords and Classifikation

Wealth distribution
household structure

JEL-Classification C21, D31  

PubliCation ePubWU

Key Questions
  • Which households are located at the top of the wealth distribution in the Eurozone?

  • How do bequests influence the probability of going to the top of the wealth distribution?

  • What is the relationship between bequests and income concerning the accumulation of wealth?

  • Do these processes differ between the countries of the Eurozone?

Key Findings
  • Countries are not represented within the distribution according to their populations

  • The chances of going to the top of the wealth distribution are significantly influenced by bequests

  • Bequests play a different role concerning the accumulation of wealth in the top percentiles than at the bottom of the distribution

  • Inheritances play a crucial role with respect to the accumulation of wealth and the positioning of households in the net-wealth distribution