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The research institute “Economics of Inequality” characterizes itself as the central platform in order to research inequality related questions at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Simultaneously, it enables communication between students, researchers, the media and policymakers.


We sum up contemporary issues with ease, no matter if print, TV or radio. Set up a meeting with our experts on income and wealth inequality; social, regional and ecological inequality and tax related questions.

Scientific editing

We think that appropriate data are the foundation of objective discussions. Our scientific editing service checks numbers, facts and estimations based on data sets like tax-related data, NAS, EU-SILC and HFCS.

Guest contribution

Are you the editor of a featured article or are you preparing an essay focused on a special topic? Our staff is well trained in writing papers. We would love to identify possible co-operation fields and contribute to your project with pleasure.

Background information

Inequality is a complex subject – we are a one-stop shop for information. Do you need further details for your research? Our researchers gladly take the time to talk to you.