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From July 17-19 we attended the annual conference of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ) in New York.

Working Paper Series #7

The Convergence of the Middle Class. New Evidence for Europe

The INEQ Team moves!

INEQ has been growing constantly over the past months. In our search for more space we resettled at WU's D1 building

Working Paper Series #6

Poverty in Times of Crisis

Working Paper Series #5

Can’t Keep Up with the Joneses. Jestl, Stefan and Moser, Mathias and Raggl, Anna K.

Branko Milanovic zu Gast an der WU

A summary of Branko Milanovic's visit to WU Vienna.

Austrian Social Report 2015-16

The new Austrian Social Report is available - including a chapter on income inequality by INEQ (in German only)

Tony Atkinson (1944-2017)

An obituary by Wilfried Altzinger (in German)

Global Inequality: Theoretical Concepts and Empirical Evidence

In January Branko Milanović will hold a lecture on global income distribution at the WU.

Milanovic is coming!

Branko Milanović will come to Vienna to discuss the consequences of global income inequality.