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(Un)equal education opportunities

Equal starting position, non-discriminatory access to the labour market and socially just opportunity of participation are not only crucial democratic -principles but also investments in social and economic wealth.

Unequal access to education leads to disadvantages and exclusion in the labor market in the process. Therefore, equally distributed access to education plays an important part in guaranteeing the equality of opportunity for a broad population.

The objective of this event, which was organized within the framework of Jean Monnet Chairs “Gendered Inequalities and Classism in Europe”, by Prof. Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger (Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations) in cooperation with Prof. Wilfried Altzinger (Institute for Macroeconomics) at WU Wien, was to look for ways towards more equality of opportunity.

On the one hand, inequality and the underlying processes were discussed critically, on the other hand, possibilities with the goal of supporting more equality of opportunity were identified. The main questions were:

  • How can equal opportunity to education be established?

  • What are best practice examples on national and international level and what can be learned?

  • What are favorable conditions for equality of opportunity in development, education and the labor market?

The event was used to raise awareness of implementation options for equality of opportunity as well as to enable knowledge transfer with policymakers in the political and economic context.