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  • On-­De­mand Stream­ing Ser­vices and Music In­dustry Rev­en­ues – In­sights from Spo­tify’s Mar­ket Entry. In­ter­na­tional Journal of Re­search in Mar­ket­ing, 33(2): 314-327, 2016 (N. Wlömert, D. Papies). IJRM Best Pa­per Award 2016.

  • Pre­dict­ing New Ser­vice Ad­op­tion with Con­joint Ana­lysis: Ex­ternal Valid­ity of BD­M-­Based In­cent­ive-­A­ligned and Dual Re­sponse Choice Designs. Mar­ket­ing Let­ters, 27(1): 195-210, 2016 (N. Wlömert, F. Eg­gers).

  • Em­pir­ical Gen­er­al­iz­a­tions in Search En­gine Ad­vert­ising. Journal of Re­tail­ing, 90(2): 206-216, 2014 (N. Abou Nabout, M. Li­li­enthal, B. Ski­era).

  • PROSAD: A Bid­ding De­cision Sup­port Sys­tem for Profit Op­tim­iz­ing Search En­gine Ad­vert­ising. Mar­ket­ing Science, 32(2): 213-220, 2013 (B. Ski­era, N. Abou Nabout). Fi­nal­ist in the Gary L. Li­lien ISMS-MSI Prac­tice Prize Com­pet­i­tion.

  • An Ana­lysis of the Prof­it­ab­il­ity of Fee-­Based Com­pens­a­tion Plans for Search En­gine Mar­ket­ing. In­ter­na­tional Journal of Re­search in Mar­ket­ing, 29(1): 68-80, 2012 (N. Abou Nabout, B. Ski­era, T. Stepan­chuk, E. Ger­st­meier). IJRM Best Pa­per Award 2012.

  • Music for Free? How Free Ad-­fun­ded Down­loads Af­fect Con­sumer Choice. Journal of the Academy of Mar­ket­ing Science, 39(5): 777-794, 2011 (D. Papies, F. Eg­gers, N. Wlömert).

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