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Together with InteractiveMedia and Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera from Goethe University Frankfurt, we established the real-time bidding competence center in order to increase economic understanding of real-time bidding and programmatic buying (in Germany called real-time advertising).

InteractiveMedia is the leading quality marketer of digital media in Germany. Representing two of the three largest internet portals, T-online and Gute Frage, as well as other, high-profile media brands InteractiveMedia has a reach of 66% among the German internet users.

Whether national or international, InteractiveMedia’s all-inclusive support service for partners and advertising customers - provided by the biggest sales team of all online marketers in Germany - enables advertisers to reach customers quickly, effectively and, above all, efficiently. Positioned at the forefront of a growing market, InteractiveMedia offers advertisers individual premium solutions for online advertising and moving image advertising, mobile advertising and out-of-home media. A strong team in sales and product management ensures optimum results - both for advertisers and for site and portal operators.

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