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Havas Media

The Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media (IMSM) agreed on a long term research cooperation with Havas Media and the Chair of Electronic Commerce at Goethe University Frankfurt (Prof. Dr. Skiera). The purpose of the cooperation is to develop new methods and tools in the field of data-driven marketing. Jörg Manthey, responsible for the digital division at Havas Media Deutschland in Frankfurt, emphasizes the importance of the cooperation for Havas’ data science division: “Nowadays, it is not sufficient to simply focus on contract research in the field of data science. It will become more and more important to build interdisciplinary data science teams that work in a lab-like environment with big amounts of data in a creative way. That’s the only way that innovative and up-to-date solutions can emerge, which satisfy the needs of our customers. Our cooperation with the two universities builds the foundation for that work.”

The data science unit at Havas Media Deutschland consists of 20 experts from econometrics, finance, statistics, mathematics, information systems, and programmatic buying. The unit will develop new algorithms for programmatic buying and create predeictive models for optimal budget allocation. The focus will be on attribution modeling, customer journey analysis and optimal campaign management in profile-based, programmatic buying.

For WU, the cooperation is also of great importance: “With this cooperation, we aim to identify new ways to make better use of data available in online marketing”, says Prof. Dr. Abou Nabout. For cutting-edge research, it is crucial to be able to empirically test scientific ideas. Abou Naboutis head of Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media (IMSM) and graduated with a PhD from Goethe University Frankfurt (topic “Optimal Search Engine Marketing”).