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We are very pleased to see that you are interested in writing your Bachelor thesis in the area of Markets and Strategy.

You can find the most important infos below. Please take the time to read through the guidelines.

Tips and Tricks for a successful Bachelor/Masterthesis 

 Completed BA/MA Theses

BA/MA Thesis Title Language
Master thesisAttractiveness Bias and Potential Impact on HR Decisions: Statistical Evidence from a Natural ExperimentEnglish
Bachelor thesisHow being slightly behind in Austrian soccer matches influences the game's outcomeEnglish
Bachelor thesisChoice overload in consumer decisions: A natural field experimentEnglish
Master thesisSocial Desirability in Economic and Social Decisions: Evidence and ImplicationsEnglish
Master thesisMBA Degrees as Veblen Goods? Evidence from a Choice ExperimentEnglish
Master thesisSchool choice in Vienna. Increasing students' and social welfare by improving the allocation mechanism for primary schools.English
Master thesisWhat form of relative income do people maximise? A choice experimentEnglish
Bachelor thesisFirst-time voter boost and second-time voter dip in Austria: Truth or myth?English
Master thesisDiscrimination by Academic Title: A Natural Field Experiment in the Online Housing MarketEnglish
Master thesisGender Differences in Performance PayEnglish
Bachelor thesisExtrapolative Expectations in the Cross-Section: An empirical AnalysisEnglish
Master thesisRelative Concerns and Inequality: Evidence from a Choice ExperimentEnglish
Bachelor thesis"Gender Differences in Status Preferences: Evidence and Explanations"English
Bachelor thesisBehavioral economics and family policy: How behavioral insights can be used to promote paternity leaveEnglish
Bachelor thesisThe Influence of Income Inequality on TrustEnglish
Submission and Evaluation
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