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Eric Schweinberger

Eric Schweinberger

 Dr. Eric Schweinberger, MMSc BSc

Teaching and Research Associate

Office: D1.
Office Hours: By appointment 

Phone: +43-1-31336-6254
Fax: +43-1-31336-90-6254


Position at IIB, other positions and academic career

My academic career began in October 2014 when I started my Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics and Social Sciences at WU-Vienna.

Already during the STEOP phase, I discovered my great interest in economics, especially for topics in macroeconomics. Encouraged by this, I decided to major in economics.  After completing my Bachelor's degree in summer 2017, I enrolled in the Master's programme in Economics at WU-Vienna in autumn 2017. After only three semesters I successfully graduated as the best student of the year in February 2019. Since I particularly enjoyed the quantitative research conducted as part of my Master's thesis, I decided to pursue the doctoral programme at WU-Vienna.

During my dissertation at the Institute of Quantitative Economics, I focused on the econometric analysis of uncertainty shocks and their impact on financial markets as well as macroeconomic factors.

Alongside my doctoral studies, I decided to expand my academic horizon beyond the field of economics by enrolling in the "Export- and Internationalisation Management" Master's programme. Throughout my second Master's degree, I discovered the great opportunities for academic research offered by the combination of Economics, International Business and advanced Econometrics.

Therefore, would like to establish these perspectives within the framework of my academic research and my lecturing at the department.

Research Interest

My research focus is diversified due to my broad academic background and combines topics reaching from quantitative economics, portfolio finance, international M&A, applied econometrics and Data Science.

Private Interests

Outside the classroom I am a passionate sportsman and like to spend my free time skiing, mountaineering, and working out.  I also enjoy eating new and exciting cuisine from all over the world.