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Björn Schmeißer

Dr. Björn Schmeißer

Office: D1.5.006
Office Hours: By appointment

Tel: + 43-1-31336-5124
Fax: +43-1-31336-90-5124


Position at IIB, other positions and academic career

Bjoern Schmeisser is an Assistant Professor at IIB. He earned his doctoral degree from WU Vienna with his dissertation on multinational corporations’ strategies directed at benefitting from multinationality (dissertation title: “International configuration on value chain networks: a (global) strategy perspective”). Bjoern also holds a degree in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.) with a special focus on Corporate Governance and Automotive Engineering from the University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany. During his studies he gained extensive international practical and academic experience in China, South Africa, the United States, and Germany.

Research interest

Bjoern’s research interest lay in the areas of strategic and international management. He is particularly interested in strategies multinational corporations employ to profit from operating foreign subsidiary networks spanning countries with heterogeneous resource endowments and institutional environments. He is also engaged in research projects on (platform-based product) markets with network effects and internationalization of firms from the service sector. Besides this, Bjoern developed a curiosity for exploring questions related to the economics of digitalization, including their implications for firm strategy and management and organizational research.