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About the Institute

The Institute for International Business (IIB) is one of the largest groups with focus on International Business and Management in Europe, with a strong focus on delivering highest quality output in our research-, teaching-, business-transfer-activities.

IIB's research focus covers a wide range of facets and topics relevant in the field of international business, as for example the role of regional headquarters, internationalization processes in Central and Eastern Europe, international finance in foreign trade, headquarter contributions or people-related research within and across cultures. Publications in international top-tier journals and numerous research awards to our faculty certify the high research quality the institute is constantly striving for. Our faculty also received major awards for teaching, including best course and/or lecturer wards in the CEMS Alliance and major MBA programs.  In addition, a multitude of projects and co-operations with companies proof the trust and support IIB enjoys from practitioners and managers.

IIB's faculty and staff are all internationally experienced and well connected to multinational companies and SMEs as well as within the global scientific community. Its international network not only boosts IIB's position in the global arena but also attracts highly recognized guests and researchers from all over the world.

From a student's perspective, IIB is among WU's most attractive internationally oriented institutes with teaching on Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. Besides its own Bachelor programs in international business, IIB is significantly contributing to the continuing success of the CEMS Master in International Management. IIB's students benefit considerably from its connectedness to companies and researchers worldwide as well as from its international orientation and expertise.