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Research Seminar Series

31 January 2019
Post-factuality, Post-truth and Denial: Is eco-politics losing its objective foundations?
Frank Fischer
IASS, Humboldt Universität Berlin
15 February 2018

Participation as depoliticization? The rise and fall of a political ideal
Luigi Pellizzoni Università di Pisa Italien

08 June 2018
Transformation Research & Academic Responsibility
05 October 2017
Balancing contradictory mobilisation aims: Exploring the role of mitigation and adaptation in practice-based movements
Joost de Moor Keele University Great Britain
01 June 2016

“Everything’s changed - Everything is different”
Clive Hamilton Charles Sturt University Australien

28 September 2016
The End of Sustainability. What comes next?
John Foster Lancaster University Great Britain

24 November 2016
 „Wir sind das Volk!“ Rechtspopulistisch gegen die Nachhaltigkeit?
Dirk Jörke TU-Darmstadt Germany