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Supervision of Bachelor’s theses

The IGN offers supervision for Bachelor theses which fall into the thematic range of the Institute’s research expertise.

Course Requirements

Research Areas

Research Topics

Thesis Proposal and Supervision Agreement

Mode of Supervision and Language

Grading Guidelines and Grading Criteria

IGN Best Dissertation Award

Once a year the Institute for Social Change and Sustainability (IGN) grants the IGN Best Dissertation Award to a Bachelor’s student.



Recipient of the year 2017 was Celestin Büche, B.Sc., with his thesis “Decentring Democracy: Between the Voice of the People and the Knowledge of Experts”. In his dissertation, Büche compares various forms of government in their ability to regulate the problem of global climate change. Proving strong analytical skills, Büche argues for the advantages of a decentred democracy based on the model of Helmut Willke.

Recipient of the year 2016 was Anna Steger, B.Sc., with her thesis “Economic and Social Development of Refugees in Corinthian Municipalities Considering Essential Factors of Integration”. In her dissertation, Steger deals with questions of migration – a central issue in the research area “social sustainability” – and compares efforts, possibilities and strategies of integration between cities and smaller municipalities.