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Consultation hours

During the semester, please arrange consultation appointments via e-mail. During university holidays there are no consultation hours scheduled, however, in urgent cases please contact the corresponding employee directly.

Scientific staffConsultation hours
Univ.Prof. Dr. Harald BADINGERappointments via e-mail 
Univ.Prof. Dr. Harald OBERHOFERappointments via e-mail
a.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Gabriele TONDLappointments via e-mail
Univ.Prof.i.R. Dr. Fritz BREUSSappointments via e-mail
Anja KUKUVEC, MScappointments via e-mail
Anna MATZNER, MScappointments via e-mail
Dr. Birgit MEYERappointments via e-mail
Mag. Philipp POYNTNER, Bakk.appointments via e-mail
Lea STEININGER, MScappointments via e-mail
Dea TUSHA, MScappointments via e-mail

Orientations and directions

Opening hours - Department of Economics: If you have an appointment with an employee of the Economics department outside the stated department opening hours, please call her/him directly at the door-display (in front of the department entrance).