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Workshop CGNI 2015

Workshop on "Corporate Governance in Network Industries"
on October 29th, 2015 at the WU Campus in Vienna 

On October 29th, 2015 the Workshop on "Corporate Governance in Network Industries" took place, organised from the Institute of Corporate Governance in co-operation with the Research Institute for Regulatory Economics. The workshop intended to address key issues in Network industries arising from the intersection of regulation and competition on the one hand and corporate governance on the other hand.

Laura Rondi from Politecnico di Torino spoke about the influence of the regulatory system on CEO pay based on two articles: "Incentive Compensation in Energy Firms: Does Regulation Matter?" and "CEO incentives in European energy utilities: evidence from regulated vs. unregulated firms".

Eri Nakamura from the Kobe University, Japan, presented an interesting idea: to test the two most famous positive regulatory theories, the "public interest" and the "private interest".

Mario Liebensteiner from WU presented the final part: "Vertical Disintegration in the European Electricity Sector: Empirical Evidence on Lost Synergies". In this paper cost of unbundling of transmission grids and production will be quantified the first time.

We thank all participants for their interesting contributions and discussions!