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Mujaheed Shaikh

Assistant Professor

Mujaheed joined the Health Economics and Policy Division of Vienna University of Economics and Business as an Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) in 2016. He holds a PhD in health economics from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and an MSc in International Health Management from Imperial College London. Now he is Professor of Health Governance at the Hertie School of Governance.

His research concentrates broadly on the field of health economics and management with a focus on health expenditures, hospital efficiency and competition, and risky health behaviours. He also has a keen interest in policy related issues such as international donor funding for diseases, social determinants of health system responsiveness in developing countries, and the relationship between health and fertility outcomes.

Research Papers


  • Shaikh, M. & Gandjour, A. (2018) Pharmaceutical expenditure and gross domestic product: Evidence of simultaneous effects using a two‐step instrumental variables strategy. Health Economics, Vol. 28(1): 101-122.

  • Mueller, T. & Shaikh, M. (2018). Your Retirement and My Health Behavior: Evidence on Retirement Externalities from a Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design. Journal of Health Economics. Vol (57): 45-59.

  • Shaikh, M., Miraldo, M. & Renner, A.T. (2018). Waiting time at health facilities and social class: Evidence from the Indian caste system. PLOS ONE.

  • Barrenho, E., Miraldo, M., Shaikh, M. & Atun R. (2017). Vertical and horizontal equity of funding for malaria control: a global multisource funding analysis for 2006–2010. BMJ Global Health.

Working Papers

  • Mueller, T., Shaikh, M. & Kauer, L. Too Sticky to Switch: Lessons learned from health plan choices of the elderly. Under review Miraldo, M., Kosova, R.,

  • Shaikh, M. & Marini, G. The Impact of Organizational Change on Firm Efficiency: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector. Under review

Ongoing work

  • Firth, I., Miraldo, M. & Shaikh, M. Pharmaceutical Innovation and Global Health: Measuring inequality in innovation and the impact of income classifications on market launch.

  • Kosova, R., Miraldo, M. & Shaikh, M. To free or not to free? Spillover effects of hospital autonomy on competitor quality: Evidence from an English Health Reform.

  • Shaikh, M. Education inequality and Health outcomes: Evidence from the SHARE survey.

  • Shaikh, M. & Del Giudice, P. External price regulation and pharmaceutical research and development: Evidence from big pharma.

  • Shaikh, M., Ghislandi, S. & Muttarak, R. Early marriage, education and female empowerment: Evidence from India.

  • Shaikh, M. & Gandjour, A. Pharmaceutical Expenditure and Life Expectancy: Evidence from Drug Approvals.


Hertie School of Governance

Friedrichstraße 180

10117 Berlin, Germany

Room: 2.44

Phone: +49 (0)30 259 219 -376

Email: shaikh[at]hertie-school[dot]org

Office hours: please request by email

You can find the CV here:

CV Mujaheed Shaikh