Bachelor and Master Theses

If you are interested and have an idea/suggestion for your thesis, please contact the team member you want to write with to set up a meeting. If you are unsure who your supervisor could be please contact

Recommendation for BA thesis: 8 000 words (ca. 30 to 40 pages including bibliography, etc.)

Recommendation for MA thesis: 20 000 words (ca. 50 to 60 pages including bibliography, etc.)

Please contact your supervisor in case of deviations.

Please let us know the word count before submission.

Possible SupervisorsTopics
Prof. Marcel Bilger Focus on social health insurance and the covid-19 pandemic
Dr. Daniela Weber BA Topic 1: The role of the social, ecological and economic environment on individual cognitionBA Topic 2: The role of the social , ecological and economic environment on individual physical healthGeneral Topics: Ageing, health, physical and cognitive functioning
Dr. Sophie GuthmullerEvaluation of health policies; Health care prevention; Inequalities in health and access to health care; Loneliness in European countries; Political environment, social trust, and health
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