New Specialization Health and Social Policy starting summer term 2021!

  • interdisciplinary – international – interactive

  • for students in BBE, BW, IBW and WIRE

  • fully taught in English

  • 30 students per term

Further information, including information on course structure, access to the specialization and FAQs, can be found here.

Contact: hsp@wu.ac.at

Temporary changes due to COVID19

With WU’s campus closure in reaction to the corona virus crisis, the Health Economics and Policy Institute has moved all classes to online / remote teaching until the campus is reopened again. There will be no office hours during this time. You can reach us by email (hep@wu.ca.at) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information please visit here.

AK-Wissenschaftspreis goes to Anna-Theresa Renner

Dr.in Anna-Theresa Renner, MSc deals with different responsibilities for access to health systems in different countries (Austria, India, Italy) in her Dissertation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with the title “Waiting time, avoidable hospital stays and patient mobility: The economics of access to health care". It is made obvious that access to the health system is very unequal. With this paper, the author would like to contribute to an improvement in resource planning in health care. The dissertation provides numerous conclusions for a further political and scientific discussion about access to the health system in Austria (e.g. about the expansion of primary care or transparent quality indicators).

More information (including a Video) can be found here.

Was uns besser altern lässt

Die Presse

Read the article by Patricia Mcallister-Käfer from November 13th, 2020 - a part of the Junge Forschung topic - about Daniela Weber's research.

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Last visited Conferences

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, EuHEA Conference 2018, Maastricht, The Netherlands, July, (title of talks "Too sticky to switch? Retirement and health plan choices of the elderly" and "The impact of organizational change on firm efficiency: Evidence from the healthcare sector")

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, EuHEA Conference 2018, Maastricht, The Netherlands, July, (titles of talks "Availability and spatial accessibility of outpatient healthcare supply – what are the effects on utilization?" and "A Spatial Panel Data Analysis of Avoidable Hospitalisations in Austria")

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, European Economic Association Meeting, Germany, Cologne, August, (title of talk "The impact of organizational change on firm efficiency: Evidence from the healthcare sector")

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, American-European Health Economics Study Group, Harvard, Boston, USA, June (title of talk “The Impact of Organizational Change on Firm Efficiency: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector”)

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, Nationalökonomischen Gesellschaft in Wien, Annual Meeting & 100th Anniversary of the Austrian Economic Association, May (title of talk “What are the Drivers of Regional Variations in Avoidable Hospitalisations in Austria? A Spatial Panel Data Analysis”)

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, Regional Science Association International Conference, Goa, India, May (title of talk “ Child Malnutrition in Uganda: Regional disparities and socio-economic inequalities”).  

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference, Perth, Scotland, April 2018 (title of talk “The Impact of Organizational Change on Firm Efficiency: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector”)

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, Invited presentation, Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, March 2018 (title of talk “Too Sticky to Switch? Retirement and Health Plan choices of the elderly”).

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, Winterseminar organized by the German speaking section (GfR) of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), Igls/Innsbruck, February 2018

  • Anna-Theresa Renner and Mujaheed Shaikh, Austrian Health Economics Association, Vienna, November 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, 28th IUSSP International Population Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, October/November 2017

  • Daniela Weber, 5th International Workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing, Lisbon, October 2017

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, 15ª Conferência Nacional de Economia da Saúde | APES, October 2017

  • Daniela Weber, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) (Invited talk & stay) - organised by research group: International Laboratory on Demography and Human Capital, October 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, 22nd Annual Conference of the Italian Health Economics Association (AIES), Pavia, Italy, October 2017

  • Daniela Weber, Jahrestagung der DGD und der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft (DStatG), Rostock, September 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner and Mujaheed Shaikh, Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik, Vienna, September 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner and Daniela Weber, Vienna Health Care Lectures, Vienna, September 2017

  • Daniela Weber, 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences, Lindau, August 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, Summer School of the European Regional Science Association in Lesvos, Greece, July 2017

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, International Health Ecnomics Association Conference, Boston

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, Winter Seminar of the German Speaking Section of the European Regional Science Association in Spital am Pyhrn, February 2017

  • Anna-Theresa Renner, International Health Policy Conference at the London School of Economics, London, February 2017

  • Daniela Weber, 6. Berliner Demografie-Forum, Berlin, February 2017

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, Australian Health Economics Society Conference 2016, Perth, September 2016

  • Mujaheed Shaikh, Strategic Management Society Conference 2016, Berlin, September 2016