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Research on „Estimation of User Innovation“

In a large-scale survey of n = 1758 managers, politicians, public administrators and scholars, we found a substantial underestimation of users as a source of innovation. Such an underestimation likely has severe negative consequences for the competitiveness of firms, for innovation dynamics in economies, and for societal welfare (see article).

If you are interested to replicate or extend our research and measure the awareness of user innovation in another context, please feel free to use our questionnaire.

Depending on which questionnaire software you use, you have different options:

  • If you use Qualtrics, please download and import the following qsf-file into your Qualtrics account. The questionnaire including all programmed options will be instantly available to you.

  • If you use any other software, please download the following PowerPoint-file, that provides you with all the information you need to program the questionnaire.

Questionnaire - Qualtrics
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