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SIMC Master Program

The chal­lenge: grow­ing dy­nam­ics and in­creas­ing com­plex­ity

The 21st cen­tury is char­ac­ter­ized by chal­lenges that are unique in the his­tory of man­kind. Tech­no­lo­gical ad­vances and so­cial devel­op­ments, to­gether with a high level of in­ter­con­nec­ted­ness due to glob­al­iz­a­tion and the rise of the In­ter­net are dra­mat­ic­ally chan­ging the world's dy­nam­ics.

Sim­ul­tan­eously, en­tre­pren­eur­ial op­por­tun­it­ies have never be­fore been as great and di­verse as in our times. For ex­ec­ut­ives to op­er­ate ef­fect­ively in this prom­ising yet risky eco­nomic en­vir­on­ment, they need to be equipped with a broad range of know­ledge and skills.

Our answer: or­gan­iz­a­tional lead­er­ship

The In­situt for En­tre­pren­eur­ship & In­nov­a­tion is one of the or­gan­iz­ing in­sti­tutes of the mas­ter pro­gram 'Strategy, In­nov­a­tion, and Man­age­ment Con­trol' which pre­pares to­mor­row's ex­ec­ut­ives for their role as or­gan­iz­a­tional lead­ers. The pro­gram com­bines the­ory, prac­tice, and in­struc­tion in rel­ev­ant so­cial skills, for an in­teg­rated ap­proach to OR­GAN­IZ­A­TIONAL LEAD­ER­SHIP.

Gen­eral in­form­a­tion on the Mas­ter Po­gramme on Strategy, In­nov­a­tion and Man­age­ment Con­trol can be found on the Mas­ter's pro­gramms web­site.

For in­form­a­tion about the pro­gramme‘s of­fi­cial stu­dent com­munity "SIM­Con­nect" and their activ­it­ies please visit the SIM­Con­nect hom­page.

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