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WU honors E&I supporter Dr. Wilfried Stoll


On the 9th of December 2019, WU Vienna awarded Dr. Wilfried Stoll the title of ‘Ehrenkonsul der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien’. Dr. Stoll is the first person awarded with this highest non-academic honor of WU in recognition for his long-standing support of our university.

During his speech, he also mentioned the close relationship between the Festo Group, the world-leader in automation and technical training systems founded by his father, and the E&I Institute. In recent years, E&I and Festo partnered in a project to research Social Online Learning, i.e., the introduction of elements such as chatrooms and group projects into conventional online courses to increase participation and reduce drop-out-rates. Earlier this year, the E&I Institute and Festo Didactic launched a new project on New Learning Technologies. As part of this project, more than 20 E&I students are currently working on projects to support the company’s introduction of technologies such as virtual reality in technical education. Project staff and students had a chance to meet Dr. Stoll during the honor ceremony and listen to his visions for the education of the future.

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