Welcome Christina Pichler


With the start of August, Christina Pichler joined the E&I team as an institute manager. As the E&I faculty is constantly growing, the new position of an institute manager was created. In this position, Ms. Pichler is not only responsible for the administrative affairs of the E&I Institute, but will also support the institute in its further development in general.

Before joining E&I Ms. Pichler has completed her Master in Political Science with distinction. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor with distinction at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in the field of Information Management. She is currently also enrolled for the master program in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. During her studies, she taught the course Politics and Culture of the European Union as part of the Illinois in Vienna Program. Due to her many years of working as a journalist (with a focus on home affairs), she is very well versed in keeping an eye on many things at once and taking responsibility.

Welcome to the team and have a great start, Christina!

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