New E&I research and edited special issue


Special issue (Guest editor Peter Keinz) and published research on the intersection of open/user innovation and project management.

E&I faculty Peter Keinz recently served as special issue editor for a special issue on "Managing Open and User Innovation by Projects" in the International Journal of Project Management (Impact Factor 6.62).

Interdisciplinary approaches are of great importance when studying and applying open and user innovation. In the present special issue, guest editors and contributors from both the field of open and user innovtion as well as from project management came together to explore the topic, after all, most open and user innovation activities are project-based.

The special issue also features an invited contribution by Peter Keinz and Klaus Marhold on Technological competence leveraging projects via intermediaries. Investigating projects the E&I Institute has performed together with CERN over the last few years, the research looks into capability building of organizations that leverage external partners for their outbound open innovation activities.

Keinz, P., & Marhold, K. (2021). Technological competence leveraging projects via intermediaries: Viable means to outbound open innovation and mediated capability building?. International Journal of Project Management, 39(2), 196-208.

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