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Grant awarded for Research on “Fostering Academic and Corporate Spinoffs”


A joint research project led by Klaus Marhold, Jan Fell (both E&I) and Rudolf Dömötör (WU Entrepreneurship Center) has recently been awarded a multi-year research grant by the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna.

The grant will allow the project members to work on the topic of academic and corporate spinoffs. Motivated by the observation in the latest Austrian Startup Monitor that an increasing number of startups (around 34%) are corporate or academic spinoffs, the proposed study aims to contribute to the understanding of the differences between startups and spinoffs. It will also investigate current barriers to the founding and growth of spinoffs, particularly in the city of Vienna. Based on the results of the scientific research, the project team will derive specific policy recommendations for fostering this particular mode of startups, which have been highlighted by literature as important creators of technology and jobs.

This joint grant highlights the relevance of the E&I Institute’s research for the Austrian entrepreneurial ecosystem and further strengthens our close working relationship with WU’s Entrepreneurship Center. 

For our E&I students, this project will provide opportunities to participate in a research project through bachelor and master thesis and as research assistants. A first call for thesis topics related to this project will be released in August.

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