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E&I Alumnus Paul Schmitzberger gets a 1,2 Mio. Dollar investment to grow shrimps in the desert


About a year ago E&I Alumnus Paul Schmitzberger co-founded the startup Blue Planet Ecosystems. The start-up is working on fully automated fish and seafood breeding systems, which combine biology, (solar) energy technology and AI-supported IT systems. In operation, the breeding systems only need solar energy and CO2. The first step is to breed shrimps.

With its inclusion in the BioTech Accelerator IndieBio, the company moved its headquarters to the USA and now has around one million euros invested. However, Paul and his team stay rooted to Vienna, as Blue Planet Ecosystems collaborates with the E&I institute in the project course “Scenario Planning”.

E&I is proud to see their Alumni grow successfully and congratulates Paul and the team to this milestone!

For more information about the start-up, visit their website:

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