Choose your project course: The E&I Course-O-Meter


The E&I institute once again lives up to its name and has just launched a novel tool to help our Bachelor students to choose their project courses.

Proudly presenting: the E&I Course-O-Meter now live on our website

Just like many other innovations, the idea of the E&I Course-O-Meter originated from lead users, our E&I lead students, who were in need for a solution for choosing among the many state-of-the-art project courses that the E&I specialization has to offer.

The team of the E&I institute took on the entrepreneurial challenge and – after applying a rapid prototyping approach which involved ideating, conceptualizing and testing - is now proud to present the very first E&I Course-O-Meter available to the public. Whether you are unsure about which project course to pick the next semester or just curious to try out the quiz to see which recommendation comes up for you, visit the E&I Course-O-Meter in our Teaching section and be among the first ones to try it out.

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