Visit to our long-standing partner Festo Didactic


E&I faculty Caroline Fabian and Klaus Marhold just visited Festo Didactic in Denkendorf, Germany.

For many years, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Festo Didactic have collaborated on projects related to the new business opportunities that arise from the increasing use of learning technologies such as online platforms or VR systems. Festo Didactic, as the world-leader in industrial training has recently launched a new learning platform, Festo LX. Every semester, teams of students of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization closely work with Festo Didactic’s management and staff to analyze new business cases, optimal pricing and chart future development roadmaps.

The visit in Denkendorf allowed the WU faculty to get hands on experience with new learning products currently under development and to hold meetings on how to further strengthen the partnership with WU. The visit also included site visits to Festo AG’s headquarters and the Scharnhausen Technology Plant, a state-of-the-art production facility for pneumatic valves.

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