Research on Standard Setting under Extreme Time Pressure Published


Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell published their research on how standards are set under extreme time pressure in the renowned journal R&D Management. In their work, they investigate the case of COVID-19 contact tracing apps. The research highlights how the process of standard setting, which often takes years, has unfolded in the compressed time frame of only a few months. It also highlights the struggles of different actors such as market actors, committees and governments in setting a standard that ensures interoperability of the apps across borders. The researchers find that ultimately, platform owners Apple and Google were able to set a common standard.

Platforms are pervasive in a wide range of industries from social networks to electric vehicles. The newly published research is the first to explicitely identify the important role of platform owners in technological standardization.

Marhold, K., & Fell, J. (2021). Multi-Mode Standardization Under Extreme Time-Pressure – The Case of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps. R&D Management,

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