New educational video on business agility


The E&I institute is delighted to have received the second submission of a Bachelor thesis in the newly introduced video format.

Our E&I student Paul Porodko has successfully completed his Bachelor thesis on “Agility in Practice: The Case of Spotify”, and created an educational video clarifying how agility in business practice works.

His educational video illustrates how autonomous teams in Spotify, i.e. squads, develop and test new application features using the agile method “build-measure-loop”.

Do you also want to make an impact with your Bachelor Thesis?

The newly introduced video thesis format might be an opportunity!

Develop an educational video for an element (theory, method, tool, framework, etc.) of Core Lecture 1 – and thereby help future E&I students when learning and gain you public visibility as an E&I expert!

Here you can find the first educational video also submitted recently, together with more format details and a list of open topics.

For any questions related to the format or the open topics, do not hesitate to contact our colleague Shtefi Mladenovska via e-mail:

Video Agility in practice: The case of Spotify

Agility in practice: The case of…

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