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[Translate to English:] E&I Microsoft

E&I Stammtisch: Microsoft for Startups

On October 28, the E&I Club organized the first workshop of the E&I Stammtisch series at WU Gründungszentrum, featuring Microsoft for Startups and the start-up Circly.

[Translate to English:] E&I Borealis

E&I meets industry

Last week, our E&I Consulting students visited their project partner’s production site to gain first-hand knowledge about their processes and products.

[Translate to English:] Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell

Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell presented at the 3rd CIE Symposium

E&I faculty Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell presented initial findings from their ongoing project on success factors of reward-based crowdfunding at the 3rd Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship…

[Translate to English:] E&I

E&I at Sport&Fun

Basketball, badminton, table tennis and table soccer were on the E&I faculty's agenda in their after-work hours.

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Research on Standard Setting under Extreme Time Pressure Published

Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell published their research on how standards are set under extreme time pressure in the renowned journal R&D Management. In their work, they investigate the case of COVID-19…

[Translate to English:] Klaus Marhold presenting the research results

Successful Conclusion of the Research Project on Fostering Academic and Corporate Spinoffs

On October 13th, E&I faculty Klaus Marhold presented the results of the joint research with Rudolf Doemoetoer (WU Entrepreneurship Centre) and Jan Fell (E&I) on “Fostering Academic and Corporate…

[Translate to English:] Sophie Quach DRUID

E&I at DRUID 2021

Sophie Quach (E&I researcher and lecturer) is currently in Copenhagen, Denmark to present her research at the DRUID 2021.

[Translate to English:] PBMA E&I

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Last week, students from the PMBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2019-2021 have graduated.

[Translate to English:] Tina Monelyon

Welcome Tina Monelyon

Tina Marie Monelyon joins the E&I team as a Research & Teaching Associate.

[Translate to English:] E&I welcome day

Welcome to 90 new E&I students

On Friday, E&I welcomed 90 new students to the specialization.

[Translate to English:] 20 Jahre E&I

20 Years of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WU

Almost 1,000 projects with start-ups, SMEs and multinationals, 3,500 entrepreneurial graduates and more than 500 academic publications with over 30,000 citations, 120 awards in research & teaching -…

[Translate to English:] GAte

E&I connects with international top universities at the GATE I roundtable!

On Sep 23rd, the WU Entrepreneurship Center (WU Gründungszentrum) hosted the GATE I roundtable, an international, Europe-wide network bringing together universities with the aim to foster…

[Translate to English:] E&I job

We are hiring: Student assistant

E&I is looking for a student assistant to support us especially with in research.

[Translate to English:] admission to the specialisation

Announcement of successful applications to the specialization

Applicants to the E&I specialization in the winter semester 2021/22 have been informed about the outcome of their application today via e-mail to their WU student account.

[Translate to English:] E&I conference

Conference conversation: The impact of customization and co-creation on customer experience

Join the MSI* community, when leaders in industry and academia discuss the impact of customization and co-creation on customer experience.

[Translate to English:] E&I strategie

Annual E&I Institute Strategy Workshop

Once every year the whole E&I Team dedicates some days to reflect the past year and strategically plan the next one ahead.

[Translate to English:] E&I research

Prof. Karl Besel visited E&I

Prof. Karl Besel from Indiana University Northwest visited the E&I institue and gave a talk about entrepreneurship in new urbanist communities.

[Translate to English:] E&I admission

Admission to the E&I specialization is open

As of today, applications for the specialization at the E&I Institute will be accepted again. The application deadline is September 5, 2021 at 23:59.

[Translate to English:] gipfelstuermer

E&I Gipfelstürmer (summiteers)

Let's bring E&I onto the tops of the world! We challenge everyone to climb as many summits as possible and to leave an E&I trace.

[Translate to English:] E&I community

E&I Semester Closing

The summer semester has ended and it is time to take a well-deserved break and to recharge.

[Translate to English:] bildungsmillion

Changemaker program nominated for the MEGA Bildungsmillion

We are happy to announce that WU Gründungszentrum's Changemaker program has been selected as one of the top 8 educational projects by MEGA Bildungsstiftung for the MEGA Bildungsmillion.

[Translate to English:] E&I is hiring

We are hiring: PhD Student / Teaching and Research Associate

Do you want to pursue your PhD in the field of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, while teaching at one of Europe’s largest and most modern business and economics universities?

[Translate to English:] Nik franke cash

E&I at the CASH Handelsforum

The CASH Trade Forum is the largest and most important information, contact and discussion platform for the top decision-makers and market makers from industry and trade in the German-speaking region.

[Translate to English:] ISPIM award

Jakob Pohlisch was awarded second place in the ISPIM Dissertation Award 2021

ISPIM is the International Society for Professional Innovation Management. Each year the community awards outstanding PhDs with the Innovation Dissertation Award.

[Translate to English:] carol reeves

Goodbye Prof. Carol Reeves

After one semester at WU, it is time to say goodbye to Prof. Reeves.

[Translate to English:] e&i at oui

E&I at the Open and User Innovation Conference 2021

The Open and User Innovation Conference (OUI) is widely regarded as the most important conference in the field of user innovation and brings together more than 200 researchers from universities…

[Translate to English:] e and i touchdown

E&I Touchdown: Unraveling the DNA of the entrepreneur

Is an entrepreneurial mindset given from nature or can you acquire it? This semester’s E&I Touchdown, hosted by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics…

5 student assistants for the institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Meet our E&I student assistants

Get a glimpse into what this semester's student assistants are working on.

[Translate to English:] monique

Welcome Monique Schlömmer

We welcome Monique Schlömmer as a Research Associate at E&I

2 glasses of wine and food on a wooden plate as a background image in a virtual meeting

E&I Alumni Network Aperitivo

How are founders, startups and their employees impacted by working from home? What are pitfalls and what are possible opportunities?

Logo of the quiz tool Course-O-Meter with the question "Which project course suits you best"

Choose your project course: The E&I Course-O-Meter

The E&I institute once again lives up to its name and has just launched a novel tool to help our Bachelor students to choose their project courses.

Students sit at a table with their notebooks and study

E&I Lead Student Meeting - Spring edition 2021

On May 4th, the E&I Institute invited eight motivated and diligent E&I students to participate in the third virtual E&I lead student meeting.

Thomas and Dominik, the club managers

Meet our E&I Club managers: Thomas and Dominik

The E&I Club offers the opportunity for networking among your peer E&I students.

Prof. Carol Reeves is standing at the Prater

Welcome Prof. Carol Reeves!

Prof. Carol Reeves has been granted the Fulbright - Kathryn and Craig Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship in Central Europe at WU in 2021

An ÖBB promotional picture of a train station with photos of participants in a panel discussion

bahnbrechend. ÖBB TS and E&I discuss the impact of the Corona crisis

In the new discussion format "bahnbrechend", ÖBB-Technische Services (ÖBB TS) and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WU Vienna reflect on current topics from different perspectives.

Cover picture of the research- and project report

New E&I research and edited special issue

Special issue (Guest editor Peter Keinz) and published research on the intersection of open/user innovation and project management.

Laptop with a picture of a bachelor thesis and the hands of a student who is currently writing

Write your Bachelor thesis in a new and innovative thesis format

The E&I Institute is introducing two new Bachelor thesis formats that demand less written text but include video creation or coding! Yes, you read that well!

12 portrait photos of people wearing a Covid mask releated to the topic of distance teaching

Stronger Together: Distance Teaching 3.0

All E&I courses have successfully started despite the ongoing challenge of distance teaching.

A hand holding a smartphone with a Covid app on it

E&I Research on COVID-19 is highlighted in Nature Medicine

Klaus Marhold and Jan Fell recently published on the need for standardization in technological responses to COVID-19, specifically the recent push for electronic vaccination certificates.

Five hands holding wrists to show unity

Workshop: Rethinking the concept of Entrepreneurship

When we think of the “typical entrepreneur”, we have certain necessary characteristics in mind: loud, strong, hard-working, ambitious. These are all factors that favor a certain type of person.…

Laptop with a picture of a bachelor thesis and the hands of a student who is currently writing

Bachelor Thesis Opportunities as Part of an Ongoing Project

As part of an ongoing project on the topic of educational technologies and new ways of learning, we are looking for students who want to write their bachelor thesis in one of the following fields: …

A text about the successful admission of students to a specialization subject at WU

Announcement of successful applications to the specialization

Applicants to the E&I specialization in the summer semester 2021 have been informed about the outcome of their application today via e-mail to their WU student account.

Logos of well known companies and a graduate hat with the claim saying "Just graduated"

Recap: E&I Touchdown - After the Crisis is Before the Crisis

Every semester, the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business invites to the so-called E&I Touchdown. From January 19 to 21, with 783 participants,…

A text about the successful admission of students to a specialization subject at WU

Admission to the specialization E&I

As of today, applications for the specialization at the E&I Institute will be accepted again. The application deadline is January 31st, 2021 at 23:59.

A football and a football goal. An information text concerning the event is also visible

E&I Touchdown: After the Crisis is Before the Crisis

Financial crisis, Corona crisis, climate crisis – What is next? At the E&I Institute, we believe that innovation is the key through any crisis and at our E&I Touchdown we show you what that means.

3 people in the Learning Center building of WU Vienna, you can see the library in the background

E&I meets B&C

We are proud to announce that the E&I Institute is part of an initiative by B&C Privatstiftung and Michael Tojner to further promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Austria.

[Translate to English:] Jakob Pohlisch, Assistant Professor at the E&I Institute

Welcome Jakob Pohlisch

Today, we welcomed Jakob Pohlisch to our team. He joins the E&I team as an Assistant Professor!

A virtual meeting with portrait photos of 16 participants

E&I Lead Student Meeting

At the end of a very special year, the E&I Institute once again invited to its traditional Lead student meeting.

[Translate to English:] Jan Fell

Jan Fell awarded Research Grant

Jan Fell, Ph.D. candidate and Research Associate at the E&I Institute, has been awarded a Junior Faculty Grant by WU. The grant will be used towards experiments on the perception of entrepreneurial…

[Translate to English:] Hult Prize WU

Linked Eating Co. wins Hult Prize WU

This year’s challenge was to create an innovative Start-Up in the food industry which would reinvent current supply chains and give better access to those in need, thereby providing jobs for millions…