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Announcement of successful applications to the specialization


Applicants to the E&I specialization in the winter semester 2023/24 have been informed about the outcome of their application today via e-mail to their WU student account.

We ask all students who have been accepted to the E&I specialization in the winter semester 2023/24 to complete the next steps of the registration process explained in the e-mail (registration in Course 1) in order to keep their spot in the specialization. The E&I Welcome Day will officially finalize your acceptance to the specialization. Please read all information about this event carefully.

Students who were not accepted to the specialization this semester are encouraged to try again next semester. We would also like to advise you that the Entrepreneurship Avenue and the activities offered by the Entrepreneurship Center Network (ECN) and WU’s Entrepreneurship Center provide further opportunities to get active and obtain qualifications in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Best regards,

Your E&I team

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