New application fields for the CVD diamond detector Technology

Wintersemester 2013 / 2014


Initial situation and Project goal

Cividec Instrumentation GmbH is an Austrian-based company producing CVD diamond detectors and accompanying electronics, which enable fast and reliable measurement of radiation. The technology is currently used in cancer treatment, science and energy generation industry. Cividec is currently searching for new application fields. The main goal of the project is to identify and evaluate alternative application fields for the diamond detector technology.

Procedure and methodology

The methodology consists of interviewing current and potential users and user communities in order to identify core benefits of the technology and suggest as many alternative fields of application as possible. Next, the application fields are evaluated, bearing in mind the benefit relevance and strategic fit for the company. Selected application fields are further analyzed using the instruments of market, competitor and SWOT analysis. The final step includes the development of a commercialization strategy.


The identified major benefits of the CVD diamond detector technology are fast and reliable measurement, durability under harsh conditions and long life-time. Next, the search for alternative application fields comprised postings in more than 10 scientific forums (broadcasting) and more than 60 interviews with leading experts from 11 countries (pyramiding). This resulted in 19 potential application fields in 10 industries that were further evaluated. In the end, brachytherapy and synchrotrons were selected by the project partner as the most promising ones.


Brachytherapy is a type of internal cancer treatment, where radiation isotopes are placed near the tumor. This enables to exactly target the tumor without damaging the surrounding tissue. With small adaptations needed, the diamond detector offers an unprecedented combination of features compared with the substitutes. Besides, a high market potential together with substantial growth rate was derived for the field. Together with the rising trends towards non-invasive treatments this contributes to optimistic expectations for Cividec.


Synchrotrons are sources of bright light used in material science and industrial R&D in order to investigate the structure and chemical properties of materials. Being extremely robust, the CVD diamond detector presents a highly valuable beam position detector for synchrotrons. Moreover, Cividec´s vast experience with beam lines makes it easier to enter the field as fewer adaptations to the detector are necessary. Also the market for Synchotrons shows great market potential. In addition, there is a rising trend in the number of developed synchrotrons facilities around the world, also in emerging markets.

Cooperation partner

  • Cividec Instrumentation GmbH
    Schottengasse 3-3A
    1010 Vienna

Student Team

  • Ibrahim Bilen
    Nikolai Czech
    Katarina Dudzakova
    Miroslav Fordinal
    Nikolas Simon
    Filip Stanev