Sommersemester 2014


We are developing a concept to be the #1 provider of a fresh and creative "to go" fruit & vegetable juice selection with a city-wide network of unique retro stores in highly frequented spots.

The Problem

Health consciousness and an active lifestyle are huge trends. Urban citizens are more than ever interested in products that support this way of living. However, in fast-paced times like these, time and convenience issues make it difficult to live a healthy life.

The Customer's Need

Time and convenience issues result in people being bound to their specific location of occupation when it comes to the choice of food or drinks. Surveys among more than 170 potential customers have shown that the target group is extremely inflexible in terms of mobility (i.e. actively going to a store further away) and thus "availability" in the sense of having a store around the corner is the key to a purchase.

The Solution

In order to serve our customers with a healthy lifestyle product, we are creating a unique buying experience by transforming raw fruits and vegetables in front of our customer's eyes into fresh juices and smoothies.

Ordinary as well as unconventional, healthy, green fruit juice and smoothie creations are served within a simple „to-go“-concept, offering only low seating capacity. The experience will be topped off with a unique, retro and hip in-store design that reminds our customers of an old "Presserei" (i.e. pressing plant).

What is more, we will offer our products at highly frequented locations across Vienna in order to make them available to the broadest audience in the most convenient way possible and thus taking into account crucial time and convenience issues.

The Vision

We are following a 4 step approach in achieving our goal of providing „the city‘s best juices“. Our journey will commence with the step-by-step opening of branded stores city-wide.

This will be followed by operating mobile sales stalls at selected events that cater to our target group.

Once "fruchtpresserei" as a brand is established, we aim to position our products with high-end restaurants and bars via selected partnerships.

The medium- to long-term expansion plans are based on scaling up a franchise model in other urban areas in and around Austria.

Contact Person

Student Team

  • Sebastian Greiner (WU)
    Josef Mayer (WU)
    Georg Steigberger (WU)
    Thomas Wohlfahrtstätter (WU)