Studierenden Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017


Winetastic provides an easy solution to decrease the breathing time of wine bottles and makes flexible decanting possible.

We are three SIMC Master students, cooperating with a high-tech medical engineering company to disrupt the world-wide wine market. Our vision is to enhance the wine experience of wine lovers all over the world.

The problem

The process of getting wine into the perfect condition takes time. Exposing wine to air, or allowing it to oxidize, can help soften flavors. For instance, young red wines, especially those that are high in tannin, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, taste better with aeration because their tannins soften and the wine becomes less harsh. Old and highly priced wines are decanted frequently to ensure and enjoy the perfect taste of the premium products.

While the practice of decanting is widely used, it takes a long time to ensure the perfect drinking state of the wine. Depending on the type and age of the wine, decanting times range from about 30 minutes to more than 12 hours.

For the gastronomy, wineries, and winemakers it is hard to forecast which bottle of wine they need to open to serve the demanded wines in perfect state. As of the long optimal decanting hours, these can either open the bottles in advance and risk wasting high-class wine or might not be able to serve the demanded wine in the perfect condition. For wine lovers, long hours of decanting become a problem when friends come over for a spontaneous visit. Although they would like to serve their mates a perfectly decanted wine they don’t have the necessary time to let it breath.

The solution and market

With our innovative WINETASTIC machine we offer the solution to decant wines flexibly within a fraction of the usual time. The combination of different technologies, originally used in the blood bag industry, allows for a superior power in comparison to other decanting devices on the market. The machine looks like a wine holder and decants the wine while it´s still in the bottle. In addition to that, the device is very easy to use with manually adaptable time settings to achieve the desired outcome and stop the process of decanting at the perfect timing.

We see the DACH region with a total addressable market size of 28 Mio. € as a perfect market to start. After getting into the rest of Europe, especially France and the South (IT, ESP, PT, EL) we want to expand into the fast-growing luxury wine markets in Asia and Russia.

The team and next steps

The team of WINETASTIC consist of three Business Master students. All of us have experience in the development of business models and are familiar with the lean startup method. However, we also bring along different experiences in various industries resulting in a diverse and strong team. Our strengths lie in project management, our “Just do it!” mentality and flexibility. Our partner company makes up for the lack of technical skills and offers engineering expertise.

Our next steps will be to develop our prototype further, do product testings with our circle of wine experts and soon reach a market-ready version.

If you have any contacts in the wine industry or just want to give us feedback, please get in touch and help us to make wine great again.

Contact Person

  • Florian Ott

Student team

  • Florian Ott

  • Bastian Rüther

  • Michael Wlaschitz

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