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Studentisches Gründungsprojekt - Sommersemester 2016

Executive Summary


Attracting and finding the right future employees for a company is quite hard and a long process nowadays. Companies spend a lot of money on talent acquisition to attract innovative-thinking students and young professionals. This is a quite expensive way to identify the talents and brilliant minds, so not every company can afford it.
SMEs often do not have the money to do talent acquisition in the extent like big companies can do and thus have more problems attracting students.
For the student it is important that he/she can show his/her talent, creative mind and ideas to the company.


We want to connect students and company through innovative ideas and thus make talent acquisition affordable for every size of company. We created a platform where on one hand students can inform themselves about companies and check out in which sector or company they fit. They also can put their innovative ideas online or find some ideas to solve a current problem for companies and in this way can get hired by them. On the other hand we provide a solution for companies to make employer branding, find the best talents out of the most innovative ideas and find future employees. To stimulate students to apply thorough our platform, we also want to do workshops together with companies e.g. on idea generation.

How it works

Students/young professionals register at our platform and do a test in order to get matched to companies. They can inform themselves about companies in the collection of company profiles and find out which they most like and would like to work in. There they can find out whether the company has a current problem to solve for which they are looking for some innovative ideas or whether they are open for some other ideas fitting to a sector of or just to the company. The student prepare a video, a presentation or an animation, which describe the idea and directly hands it in to the company via our platform. All the ideas are also collected in an archive where companies can look through for a special fee. If companies are interested in an idea and the person behind they can see the profile or get contact details but also have to pay for it.

We have different revenue streams: when the companies want to see the profile of the student behind an application, they have to pay a fee. Secondly, we will promote employer branding though advertising campaigns using different channels and optimize visibility inside universities and social networks, obviously asking for a fee.

Target group

Our first target group is students and young academics who are thinking out of the box and like to be innovative. On the other side we instead have SMEs, which are the paying customers.


  • Christina Wendelin (BOKU)

  • Davide Raffaele (TU)

  • Alessandro Rabasca (TU)

  • Christopher Windsor (WU)


  • Martin Finkenzeller, M.Eng.

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