Upgrading sunshades to solar energy generators


Sommersemester 2019 - Solar Umbrella - Student Start-up Project


Solar Umbrella is a product that offers people public charging opportunities without being a pain for them. Our product is a combination of existing parts and products and is developed in form of a kit that attaches to current parasols and sunshades used broadly by restaurants, cafes and bars. After the attachment is completed the space is transformed into an eco-friendly area providing convenience for people underneath, the owners of our product and slightly helping the planet.

Our Mission

Global warming has pushed humans to look for sustainable energy production methods. While most of these attempts are concerned with producing energy in large scale, we have somehow forgotten about small scale attempts that at the end make a difference as well. That's where our business idea comes from. We want to bring solar energy into people's everyday life. Especially, where people are having a coffee, working on something, or having a chat with a friend. Therefore, we developed the Solar Umbrella which converts the solar energy into usable electricity for the people sitting under the umbrella. These people then can charge their laptops and mobile devices with sustainable energy while enjoying a cup of coffee. Consequently, our product is especially interesting for tourists as well as for students.

Who We Are

We are a team consisting of four members who was brought together by the vision of creating the Solar Umbrella. What connects us all, is the motivation to create something which facilitates people`s everyday life and has a positive impact on the earth as well.

How We Charge Your World

While there are other businesses offering different kind of products that one can bring anywhere, our product is a different approach. Firstly, our product is going to be something stationary for as long as it is needed, but also very modular as well. For instance, you can not only use our technology in summer but without any problems in winter as well. 

Secondly and most importantly, products like Powerbanks, SolarBags etc., are something that people need to take care of. Starting with buying them, pre-charging them, bringing them to the place and so on. Our product takes that out of equation. No-one needs to bring anything to charge their devices. 

Last but not least, our product is very easily adoptable to customers with different needs and wishes. You can use our product as a restaurant in the city center or as a ski hut owner at the top of a mountain, to attract curious people and to create added value for the visitors. But also marketing umbrella providers like Red Bull can use our product to power up a refrigerator with which they can cool their energy drinks, and at the same time show their sustainability awareness through our product. It is even imaginable for privates to use our product as well.

Contact Person

  • Nicolas Gruber

Student team

  • Arsim Salihu (TU)

  • Christoph Lemberger (TU)

  • Tasnad Kedves (TU)

  • Nicolas Gruber (WU)


  • Mag. Michael Filzmoser (TU)

  • Alexander Staub, M.Sc. (WU)

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