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Transforming FragNebenan into a cutting-edge social media platform


Wintersemester 2018/19 - Uniqa Ventures


The venture capital firm UNIQA Ventures was consulted by a student team regarding one of their investments – the hyperlocal social media platform FragNebenan that aims to connect neighbors seeks to increase user growth and cash flows.

Accelerating growth and delivering new revenue streams through a compelling expansion model was the main objective of the student team.


Throughout the project, the team analyzed 40 academic papers, executed a market and competition analysis and conducted a user survey with approx. 380 participants. Based on their findings the team designed recommendations for action. These recommendations were validated and further developed through scenario analysis and a co-creation workshop attended by both current and potential users.


Extensive testing of the hyperlocal social media platform quickly displayed major technical potential. An improvement of the platform´s response rate and an update of the interface as well as the launch of a mobile app would strengthen FragNebenan’s position in the highly competitive social media market substantially. Hence, exploiting the platform´s technical opportunities is an inevitable milestone towards superior user experience.

However, only a platform that grasps cutting-edge opportunities will stay competitive in the future. Therefore, the team also developed advanced features to master the skill of seizing such potential:

  • A progressive search engine makes recommendations from neighbours as local experts on various subjects like restaurants, bars and activities more accessible and boosts engagement.

  • A data-driven task feature revolutionizes FragNebenan's neighbourhood help by offering users a simple 3-step model to get their to-do lists done by either neighbours or peer-rated professionals from nearby.

  • Cooperation with local newspapers and authorities adds relevant content and potential revenue streams.


Furthermore, a highly profitable niche market was detected. Expanding into rural areas expedites FragNebenan’s user growth since suburbs are the fastest growing regions and the demand for community spirit is high.


Introducing a state-of-the-art platform, implementing advanced features and expanding into rural areas increases user growth and produces feasible revenue streams. More importantly, FragNebenan gains an edge on its competition.

Cooperation Partner

  • UNIQA Ventures GmbH
    Untere Donaustraße 21
    1029 Vienna


Contact Person

  • Georg Ioannidis

  • Nikolaus Wrabetz


Student team

  • Andro Ofenheimer

  • Anna Plaschke

  • Franziska Menke

  • Sandor Benko



  • Barbara Mehner

  • Linn Kretzschmar


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