The future of healthcare for our four-legged family members


Wintersemester 2020 - Pezz life GmbH


Chronic pet diseases constitute a severe threat. Thus, early detection and treatment are vital to prevent life-threatening health conditions. Pezz’ digitally-supported urine test kits for both cats and dogs allow pet owners to test their four-legged friends for chronic illnesses from the comfort of their home. By prioritizing the wellbeing of cats and dogs, Pezz aims to pursue their vision of ensuring early detection in a convenient way and subsequently increase the overall quality of pets’ lives.


The predominant goal of our project has been the creation of a business plan with a specific focus on the assessment of market opportunities as well as effective marketing strategies. Our business plan aims to foster the company’s success within its respective market while increasing the pet owners’ awareness of both the brand itself and the severe consequences resulting from only discovering chronic diseases at an already advanced state.


In order to gain valuable insights into the current market, an in-depth market research and a detailed analysis of the current industry structure has been conducted, seeking crucial information about existing and potential future competitors. An additional source towards the evaluation of prospective development within the market constituted future market trends. Furthermore, a survey with over 200 participants was conducted, specifically targeting the company’s pre-defined customer groups, which enabled our team to not only gain a deeper understanding of the key potential customers’ purchasing behavior, but more importantly to derive attractive marketing strategies from the results found.


The final results of our survey indicate tremendous potential of the rapidly-growing online retail market as a promising and essential sales channel. Furthermore, vast support for referral marketing measures, which foster the attraction of new customers through existing customers and thus increase the clientele, arose from our survey. After thoroughly analyzing the medium, we additionally suggest to consider podcast advertising and take advantage of its increasing attractiveness and number of users whose age patterns and interests align with Pezz’ target group. The substantial increase of podcast listeners within only a short period of time allows Pezz to specifically target its key potential customer groups and thus enhance the awareness of their unique problem-solution fit.

Cooperation Partner

  • Pezz life GmbH
    Heiligenstädter Straße 31
    1190 Vienna

Contact Person

  • Markus Zengerer

Student Team

  • Johanna Frühwald
    Philip Henrichsmeier
    Thomas Satzinger
    Rosa Schrot
    Lisa Stadlmayr
    Juliane Steiner

Project Manager

  • Kommol Erik, MSc

  • Marhold Klaus, Ph.D.

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