The Day After


Studentisches Start-Up Projekt - Sommersemester 2016



After any party, most of the attendants as well as the host himself are not motivated or able to clean up the mess from previous night. Moreover, many people are just too lazy to prepare something healthy to eat. This is why we want to offer an after-party-service, which provides two services in one package: Cleaning of the venue as well as delivering the grocery for the breakfast.


We are a group of four business students from Vienna’s University of Economics and Business who are specialized in different fields e.g. finance or information systems. Moreover, we are all highly familiar with Vienna’s party scene as we are working as event coordinators in different popular clubs.


According to recent surveys, half of the Austrian students already make use of a cleaning service or are willing to pay for it.

Furthermore, there is an apparently need for cleaning at scene and office parties. The obvious need of start-ups to innovate, offer further evidence of the attractiveness of the market.

Goals and strategies

The main goal is to establish our service in Vienna. After we’ve entered the market in Vienna we want to establish ‘The Day After’ in other Austrian cities (e.g. Graz and Linz). We pursue to make arrangements with grocery markets and facility services in Vienna, as we want to offer our customers a variety of food and a reliable cleaning service. Furthermore, we will conduct social media efforts and guerilla marketing to raise awareness.

As all four of us are highly involved in Vienna’s clubbing scene, we are able to build up a strong network especially with event managers. Thereby, we hope to increase our awareness on the one hand and on the other to increase the demand for our unique service rapidly.


The selling price ranges from 62€ to 126,50€. The price depends on the size of the flat and the exclusivity of the grocery. By charging 62€ we make a profit of 14,50€ because we have to cede 15% to the cleaning company, 50% to the delivery fee and 30% of price from the delivered food. If the customer wants to buy groceries, we will charge an additionally fee of 20% to the basic price. Furthermore, we get an advertisement fee of 120€ from the cleaning and delivery companies.

Our costs are approx. 705€ per month and are made up of the following: marketing, maintenance of the website and server costs.

In total we generate in the most likely case a revenue of 1174,00€ if we have 40 orders per month.


Contact Person

  • Lorenz Klein

Student team

  • Madeleine Böhm

  • Maximilian Hernach

  • Lorenz Klein

  • Johannes Reisinger


  • Martin Finkenzeller

  • Albrecht Karlusch

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