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Projektpartner: Action Sports Agency / Wintersemester 2014/2015


Snowboarding and skiing are statistically considered relatively safe compared to other sports. Still, in snowparks, injury rates are increasing and are higher than on regular slopes. The higher incidence rates primarily derive from a wrong execution of jumps. First, sportsmen wrongly assess their speed and cannot perform their jump correctly. Second, another person or an object may be in the landing area, invisible to the jumper. Both situations can lead to heavy injuries.


Speedchex addresses these two issues. It is the first safety system in snowparks that provides sportsmen with technical assistance while jumping. The product will not only indicate the sportsmen if they have the adequate speed for executing a jump, but also whether the landing area is clear from any objects. Its installation in snowparks benefits both sportsmen and ski resorts through increased safety.


At the moment the company “Speedchex“ is in the pre-start-up phase. The company will be founded as a GmbH in Vienna in 2015. Speedchex itself will focus on marketing, distribution, R&D and maintenance, whereas production will be outsourced to an external partner.


Speedchex positions itself in a brand new market for electrical safety installations in ski resorts. The attractiveness of the market can be ascribed to the two following reasons: First, the high risk of accidents in snowparks pushes Snowpark operators to find new ways to improve safety within their parks. Second, more and more ski resorts want to follow the extreme sports trend and enrich their portfolio with snowparks, which leads to a steady increase in demand.


Capital demands of the first two years will entirely be covered by the main shareholders. Prospectively, Speedchex will reach the break-even point in 2017 and as of this year will record substantial profits.

Cooperation Partner

Student team

  • Alexander Brix
    Nina Krimplstätter
    Duygu Sakin
    Verena Schwarz
    Anna-Carina Strolz


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