Wintersemester 2019 - simplEvent

simplEvent: online event planner


simplEvent, an online platform for event planning makes events become reality in only a few clicks time. It has been our goal for the winter semester of 2019/2020 to assemble a platform and do extensive research on the topic of event planning and how to simplify this process to make it more accessible for everyone.


The initial problem we ran into was that people who organise events irregularly couldn't work efficiently as they were lacking the necessary connections for the best options and did not know where to start or what is needed.

On the other hand, we had service providers who had a hard time finding trustworthy customers to offer their services to. They were also looking for a way to communicate efficiently with their potential customers and wish to represent themselves in a reputable environment.


Therefore, we came up with simplEvent, a web service for intermediation between event planners and event service providers. For planners, we provide a simple, stress-free and reliable experience to find the perfect fits for their event, ranging from venue, food, entertainment and much more.

For the service providers, we offer a smooth route from first contact until the drawing up of a contract to seal the agreement.


Of course, every business venture needs a way to be profitable, especially in the start-up market which is why we have developed a financial model which creates the perfect balance between affordability and premium services. Hence, we do not charge event planners as we found out in many feedback rounds that this is a no-go for such services. However, if service providers want to enter our platform, they can choose between three plans ranging from 10€ to 60€ a month, which provide different features.

Moreover, we have done extensive research in our market and adapted our business model accordingly to fill the exact needs which still exist in it. This ranges from many competitor analyses to multiple calculations of potential market sizes and obtainable customer segments.

In the ever-changing business environment, we are aware that much of our research is momentary and might not reflect the situation in 3 years' time. That is why we have also developed a roadmap for the coming years and created solutions for many potential challenges we might face in the future.

After a semester of hard work and dedication we can now confidently say, with simplEvent "Organising your event has never been easier."

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  • Team simplEvent

Student team

  • Valentin Grabner

  • Paul Katzmayr

  • Tanja Reitgruber

  • Gunther Winkler


  • Alexander Staub M.Sc.

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