Studierenden Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017



To create a global platform for lending/borrowing people's belongings, therefore shifting people's minds towards a society where we buy less and share more, thus reducing waste and being good to environment.

The Problem

People move more than ever today, without being able to carry their sports and leisure equipment with them. On the other side, many own plenty of sports and other leisure time equipment that is used only few times a year.

The Solution

Sharr is a two-sided peer-to-peer rental platform for sports equipment, music equipment and all other goods used during one’s leisure time. It allows its users to rent leisure equipment to each other against payment.

Anyone can register as a user and borrow other users’ equipment against a fee/day, which is determined and charged by the lender. On the other hand, each user can also offer equipment they would like to lend to others against a fee/day they determine. Sharr is a two-way street – each person can be a lender and a borrower at the same time. Small rental shops are not seen as competitors, but as a chance for collaboration – they can also register on the platform and list their items, thus expanding their business and reaching a wider customer base.

Sharr creates a win-win situation for the community – the lenders can lend equipment that is otherwise only rarely used and make additional income, while Users will benefit from network effects and the growth of the platform, and the more the platform grows – the higher the benefit for all. Furthermore, the platform enables reduction in overall consumption and demand for new goods, leading to a less polluted environment for everyone and a better, more connected tomorrow.

Customer Value Proposition

For Borrowers: They can lend high-quality equipment at a price lower than buying the items themselves or renting them at a rental shop and get access to plenty of good they wouldn’t have anywhere else.

For Lenders: Earning some additional income from equipment that would otherwise not be used most of the time; Sharing their passion, advice and expertise with travelers/local borrowers; Additional exposure for small rental shops through marketing;

Key Activities

Ensuring great user experience on the platform and app; Marketing activities (Facebook, Google AdWords, Referral Programs for new users, creative marketing campaigns)

Market size

Based on the of the Sporting goods European Market without apparel and shoes, the Music Product Market size and the Digital Photography market size, we estimated a market size for Sharr of €7,11 Million in 2018, growing with a rate of around 5% to €7,54 Million in 2019 and €7,99 in 2020 respectively. For the calculation we assumed that 10% of people would consider renting instead of buying, and that the rental price people would pay in one year is 15% of the buying price of a good. Furthermore, we calculated with a 15% commission for Sharr on all these transactions.

Contact Person

Student team

  • Desislava Georgieva

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