Retro – Sustainable and regional food logistics


Studentisches Gründungsprojekt / Sommersemester 2015


The idea of our online supermarket RETRO is to find a different destination for all of the food that normally would be wasted. Fruits and vegetables that do not fit the market criteria because of their shapes and sizes get thrown away every day. Farmers cannot sell them profitably as their range of products and location does not attract enough customers. Our aim at RETRO is it to buy these “flawless” products at a fair price and sell them to environmentally conscious people and/or businesses from our warehouse in Vienna. Our main sales will be through a delivery service, but buying products directly from the RETRO warehouse will also be possible. Besides the ecological image we can support competitive prices. We get our products at a cheaper price and save staff as our warehouse does not need as much personnel as conventional markets.

Student team

  • Mateo Nikolli
    Benicourt Magdalena
    Bomberg Daniel
    Bazzani Pietro
    Csaky-Pallavicini Carl
    Ionita Sorana 


  • Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Matthias Hackl 

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